Lowe’s Product Page Redesign

The Challenge

Anyone who has worked in eCommerce knows there is arguably no page more politically charged than the Product Detail page. The situation at Lowe’s during this time was no different.

The Solution

The effort focused on recognizing the customer does not always come to the product page with the intent to buy. The product page should support each aspect of the customer shopping journey; whether the customer is looking for an owners manual, comparison shopping, or looking for answers from a brand expert.

The right level of support for each customer shopping stage


Question and Answer Support

Powered by BazaarVoice, answers to the customer’s product inquiries are at their fingertips.


Flexible product promotions

Customers know at a glance what Lowe’s promotions apply and enjoy those offers at a single click.

One stop shop for all product information

All product manuals and guides, available warranties, and applicable rebates are quickly accessible.


Integrated editorial content

Home improvement projects, buying guides, and ideas & inspiration provided by Lowe’s editorial staff.