Product Groupings

What is a product grouping?

Product groupings are merchant or algorithmically matched products grouped together with the goal of providing customer solutions to save time &/or money. These product groups come in several configurations.

As a Groupings UX team, our guiding principles were…

  • The customer should be able to quickly identify products that belong together. Including way finding from individual items to relevant groupings AND from groupings to individual items.
  • These product groupings should offer value (i.e. savings of money &/or time) to the customer.
  • Provide the right balance of algorithms and manual curation to provide the customer with a shopping experience differentiated by groupings type, mental model, inflection point, and “right offer, right time.”

    Annually, product groupings are responsible for approximately 8-12% of gross merchandise volume.

Buy Together Value

This Item Page Module Packs a Punch

In Buy Together Value’s (BTV) first sales weekend it totaled 720 orders placed with 1656 individual units sold for total sales of $122,050 and 2.30 unit average.

BTV modules account for well over 80% of all product groupings.

Months (8/15 - 8/16)

$Million in post-launch revenue

Fixed Product Bundle

Baseline customer solution selling

The idea behind fixed product bundles is, “Hey customer! We’ve anticipated your needs and we’ve selected the right product combination for you.” Saving money on the package is a nice plus as well.

Customer Choice

A highly flexible merchant selling tool

Groupings of this type have all the benefits of the merchant curated solution selling found in Fixed bundles with added versatility of customer choice. Choice bundles are the most popular groupings type in the Electronics and Toys & Games categories.


A product discovery hero

This product grouping is different from the others within the suite in that these individual products are not solid as a unit. Collections are a merchant curated product assortment organized around a theme (ex. Back to School) or product group/type (ex. big screen TVs).

Post Collections launch, conversions increased as well as units per order. Product discoverability increased as much as 10% in SKU intensive categories such as Apparel.


Increase in SKU-intensive categories