Lowe’s Efficient Home

Version 1.0

Prior Learnings

  • Lowe’s saved customers $278 million in energy/water savings in 2009
  • Over 1 million people have been to Lowes.com to learn about saving energy/water
  • Lowe’s was awarded the 2010 Energy Star Sustained Excellence Award
  • Lowe’s was first and only retailer to ever win the highest awards for Energy Star and WaterSense

Version 2.0 Goals and Objectives

  • Ensure the customer 1. Lowe’s has everything they need to start saving now. 2. Lowe’s is a trusted, proven expert. 3. Now is the time to get started — Lowe’s can help.
  • The customer needs to be told why the awards are important and what it means to them.
  • Lowe’s is different from other home improvement sites in that Lowe’s has more in-stock ENERGY STAR and WaterSense products

A much needed content audit was conducted

The resulting content audit portrayed the Efficient Home brand as invisible and unclearly defined. There was no story told to engage users.There is no dynamic content inspiring users to return.

Improved Information Architecture

Using lessons learned from the content audit, I was able to restructure the microsite content as to restore a proper message hierarchy. Redundant secondary content was eliminated creating a more salient focus.


  • Clear microsite branding, both visually and in messaging
  • Intuitive navigation and content buckets
  • Home improvement projects are highlighted
  • Customer value proposition – Lowe’s is your destination to help you save energy, water, and money – is woven throughout
  • Non-product content is showcased for better customer engagement