Hi, I'm Omari.

Nice to meet you.

A little about me

I’m a highly adaptable UX lead with large scale experience working with top tier brands in eCommerce, financial services, and interactive media. I’m an effective cross-departmental collaborator with a broad skill-set who juggles multiple projects with flawless execution. I recognize the only constant is change. I manage shifting priorities and other changes in strategy with grace and bring a calming presence to my team.

I also love obstacle course racing. I’ve participated in 12 Spartan Races since October 2015; including twice at the Spartan Race World Championships at Tahoe.

I’m active in my Fraternity‘s Oakland Alumni Chapter where I’ve served as Chapter Secretary and First Vice President.

My Process

Define the problem

Because you should know what you’re trying to do before you start. #lifeskills

Gather data

Baseline testing, interviews, heuristic evaluation, competitive analysis, brainstorm with colleagues…Whatever it takes.


Sketching, wireframe, mock ups…Y’know, the good stuff.

Obtain feedback

The best way to know if you’re on the right track.

I’m passionate about what I do

My ideal environment is one where open collaboration is valued. Cross-functional teams are not the exception, but rather the rule. I am well-liked and able to confidently establish rapport with individuals at all levels of the organization. Most important to me is a close partnership with front end developers, product management, and other business stakeholders. After all, our purpose for coming together is to craft exceptional experiences our customers love. My end goal is for whatever we produce to make a positive impact on our customers’ lives.

…but don’t just take my word for it.

From the beginning, Omari was inspiring to work with, perceptive, and a noteworthy communicator. While I worked at the agency Launch Journey, Omari was my primary point of contact on the Autodesk account for over a year. During this time, Omari’s mentorship contributed significantly to the designer and professional that I am today.

I was always amazed at Omari’s ability to see around corners and drive process alignment within the design organization. These invaluable skills, paired with his expertise in UX and HCI, makes him not only an outstanding designer and innovator but also a true leader – personable with a sense of humor.

Any company would be lucky to have Omari to inspire and enable their people. Omari is fun and engaging to work with and is driven to do excellent work with his team, and for the end-user.

Olivia Rado

Senior UX Designer, The Home Depot

I was privileged to work with Omari twice during the course of my time at Walmart and both times was blown away by his deep commitment to user-centered, data-informed design practices. In addition to being a methodical thinker, Omari is a highly generative creative designer, creating doors and windows where he hits walls. It was a pleasure to watch him instigate collaboration with both business and technology partners, showing (instead of telling) why qualitative and quantitative research matter in the product development process.

I’d work with Omari again in a heartbeat and you should want to, too.

Jess Forbes

VP, Product Design, Spotify

I was lucky to have Omari as a collaborator and design partner for over a year at Walmart. He is a team player who works across product, business, design, and engineering to ensure the entire team is successful. Omari knows how to ground business requirements in the reality of the customer’s lives and is a strong advocate for research within a user-centered design process. He was endlessly patient, a voice of reason, and a source of humor during rapidly changing projects with challenging stakeholders. I hope I get the chance to work with Omari again.

Connie Maratea

Lead User Researcher, Salesforce

Omari rocks! He brings his unique balance of human-centered design, understanding context of use, value of visual design and aesthetics, and the interest and experience to understand the front-end technologies that ultimately enable his solution designs to successfully impact the business, and the bottom line. He is a great team player, and I always appreciate his positive spirit.

Mark FelcanSmith

Director, Mobile and In-Store Digital Experience, Kohl's

Omari is one of the most gifted creative minds that I have ever had the pleasure of working closely with. He has a ceaseless concern for the good of the customer, and is always focused on creating effective and intuitive products. His talent has been felt across a wide range of Sears Holdings properties, with clear and significant performance improvements as a testament to his attention to detail and strong sense of ownership. Omari would be an incredible asset to any team, and I would be thrilled at the opportunity to work alongside him again in any organization.

Matthew McAllister

Senior Manager, Product Management and Marketing, Amazon